16th Annual Heartland Pool Tournament Held at Ag Park

COLUMBUS – The 16th Annual Heartland Pool Tournament is being held on Friday and Saturday at Ag Park here in Columbus. An event that started in 2002, the tournament has seen an increase in both the number of participants, and as a result a large increase in the payout as well.

Billiards players from all over the state of Nebraska gather at Ag Park where they participate in a singles tournament on Friday, followed by the Doubles portion of the event on Saturday.

It costs individuals 30$ to register for the singles portion of the tournament, whereas teams cost 120$.

There are different tournaments for both men and women, and also an intermediate competition as well for the less skilled billiards players. All tournaments are double elimination, so participants are guaranteed at least two matches.

In the 2016 tournament, there were over 400 individual players signed up for the singles portion of the tournament. Over 600 players participated in the doubles portion of the event.

The last 11 singles champions have come from a total of nine different Nebraska cities, showcasing just how large and diverse the crowd that participates in the tournament truly is.

There are different vendors on site, including a stand to fix pool cues should they break, and alcohol and food are available for purchase.

For more information regarding the tournament or to see results, visit www.poolplayermatchups.com