CHS Students Playing Role of Teacher at Local Elementary School

COLUMBUS – Local CHS students are getting the chance to play the role of teachers at local Lost Creek Elementary School, as students are heading over to the elementary school to help the youngsters learn spanish.

Local 5th grader Trey Stempek loves getting the chance to learn while playing games, and enjoys the benefits that come when his team wins.

“We have fun playing games like Jenga. If we don’t get the right word, we take a Jenga block, and if we knock the tower over our team loses. If the team wins, we get candy,” said Stempek.

For Columbus high senior Hannah Wiese, she enjoys playing the role of teacher, and thinks it will only benefit these students moving forward in their junior and senior high days.

“I love getting involved with younger kids. Having them learn Spanish at a young age I think will really help them in their middle and high school years,” said Wiese.

While there is a lot of educating going on during the times the high school students come over to teach, rest assured there is also plenty of fun to be had.