National Nursing Home Week Brings T-Ball to Brookstone Acres

COLUMBUS – In conjunction with National Nursing Home week, Brookstone Acres helped organize a t-ball game to go along with the theme of the spirit of America.

With no better way to showcase the spirit of America then with some baseball, residents and locals gathered at Brookstone Acres as they enjoyed hotdogs, peanuts, sunflower seeds, ice cream and anything that helped facilitate the baseball experience.

For Brookstone Acres, the awareness they get from the week long celebration helps them reaffirm to the community what exactly they do for their guests.

“Were trained to change the view on what its like to live in a nursing home or just stay here for short-term rehab. We are different. We are your home, we work in your home. Thats how we look at our jobs here,” said Stephanie Johnson, the life enrichment coordinator at Brookstone.

In order for Brookstone to be able to put on a special event like they did on Tuesday night, they need the support of the community, which is something they received tenfold this time around.

“The community involvement is always huge. The residents always like to go out to things they enjoy. For all of those volunteers and all the community groups to have come to us and to sing, or perform or to do something fun with the residents it’s amazing that they do that,” said Johnson.

While no one will remember the final score of the game, rest assured everyone will remember the game itself.