Omaha Mayor: Expect ‘Roads Will Be Very, Very Slick.’

OMAHA, Neb.- Mayor Jean Stothert says a possibly dangerous Sunday-into-Monday ice storm will find, “All hands on deck.”

During a Friday afternoon news conference the mayor was flanked by a variety of officials ranging from the Omaha Public Power District, to the fire chief and Street Maintenance Engineer Austin Rowser who warned of “potentially dangerous effects on transportation.”

The forecast spans from ice and sleet to snow but it’s the ice that has officials worried about slick streets and power outages.

City crews began pre-treating the streets at noon today with a brine solution. The pre-treatment of some 5,000 lane miles of city streets takes 24 to 30 hours, said Stothert.

Rowser said the city will have its full fleet (more than 100 trucks) dropping salt if needed and will also bring in 23 private contractors to help with the effort.

The mayor urged common sense and staying home, “You have to expect the roads will be very, very slick,” she said.