Rivals Share a Passion for Soccer

Rivals Share a Passion for Soccer
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OMAHA, Nebraska. – Coach John Arlt from Columbus High and Jess Mchargue from Lexington High have one thing in common,  both have a passion for soccer.

” We didn’t grow up with soccer here in Nebraska at my age; but once I gotc into it, I just fell in love with the game,” says Arlt. “And I used to coach girls now I coach boys and it’s just a lot of fun. It’s a good group of kids to just work with.”

“I started at a young age,” says Mchargue. “I think that by age six I had a ball on my feet and I was chasing the ball around and my dad  was the actual one that instilled it in me.”

Rivals on the field Arlt and Mchargue are both happy to have made it to the first round of the state soccer championship.

“When the season started it was our goal to get here,” Arlt shares. ” And now that we are here we just hope to play at a high level and play to the best of our abilities.”

“One thing I never have to worry about is passion,” Mchargue adds. ” We have 60 plus guys try out every year and its hard to winnow  that number down, but we put together the best group that we can.”

Both hope to make it to the next round.