Venezuelan in Omaha peacefully reject President Maduro call for a new National Assembly

OMAHA, Nebraska. – The Venezuelan community in Omaha peacefully protested and rejects president Nicolas Maduro called to replace the country current National Assembly.

“Today election’s in Venezuela is nothing more than a constitutional fraud against democracy and the Venezuelan people.” Says  protestor organizer Maneul Rosendo.

A newly elected National Assembly will give President Maduro the power to rewrite the country’s constitution, something many feels is Maduro’s latest tactic to consolidate the political power in one body of government.

“Venezuela today and for several days has said no to a new election for a new National Assembly,”  shares. Rosendo. “No to a new democratic system in Venezuela and Maduro has disregarded its people. ”

And there are those that believe that tougher US sanctions from Washington and the UN can help the Venezuelan people.

“If stricter sanctions were to be applied, I think we can recover all the money that is needed for the health sector, the education and all the ministries that are now bankrupt. ” Says venezuelan natianol in Omaha Geraldine Ramirez.

According to Rosendo, All 545 members of the new Constituent Assembly would be nominated by Maduro’s administration with no government opposition party with no room for check and balances.